December 2015 | ExpedEvac

2015 was a year where I visited a huge number of new places and, many more of my dreams were realised. In the 4 countries I travelled to during the year, Chile became my 48th - not much to some but to me, 48 countries with countless stories and experiences!

I've selected some of my favourite shots from each month of 2015 but this was quite difficult as the most memorable moments don't always have a photo. Anyway, I hope you enjoy sharing these with me and may it inspire somebody to also follow their dreams - it's not always easy but damn! It's certainly worth it!
On 28 December, you'll encounter the celebrations of Dia de Los Santos Inocentes in Tulcán in the Carchi region of northern Ecuador. Based on a religious theme, this day has become a day of pranks and jokes - good and bad;

Parque Central
 Border towns have a notorious reputation in many countries I’ve travelled through. At times they appear to be nothing more than unsafe trading posts with dubious characters trading in virtually any commodity you can think of. The reputation is surely deserved in many cases, although Tulcán in the north of Ecuador, near the border of Colombia, has surprised me in being very different.